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Marketing & PR Services
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Linda K. Bourassa, President
Paul N. Bourassa, Vice President
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Specific Services of Blue Moon:
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Increased Visibility and Awareness through PR
Plans to Drive Traffic to Retail Locations
General Marketing Strategies and Budgets
Business-to-Business Marketing Strategies
Media & Public Relations Strategies Branding and Corporate “Look”
Logo Development
Development and Design of Print Materials
Website enhancement and periodic updates
Community Relations Programs
Target Marketing & Sales Support Programs 
After many years on the client side, Linda has a very good understanding of what the client wants in a marketing relationship. Pro-actively looking for opportunities in the client’s best interest–often looking for ways that my clients can work with each other with both benefitting. Just as with my own business, I keep an eye on holding down costs for my clients. 

Linda actively works each client’s account and does not assign it out to junior staff. 

With an extensive background in science, management and computers, Paul’s many years of experience in writing columns and participating on the editorial boards of a number of journals led to a series of articles published in the Commercial Appeal’s New 50 magazine.

In his capacity with Blue Moon, his articles for clients regularly appear in the media.